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1 This website is heavily moderated. Every change is reported by email to the webmaster.

It is organised to be as helpful as we are able to make it.

Some style elements may seem unusual but have been implemented for the sake of consistency.

The map facility is really quite effective - to see the whole list just click map from the main menu, but to see the ones at the top of the list with reviews and links back - use the link below the title on the list page

If you SELECT a few studios by feature - you can then see where they are on the map
2 We no longer accept listings from studios who do not give a valid address or just appear to be hiding

what is the point of promoting a businss where the customers can't find it...?
Photo studios come and go. The difficulties of making a profit in this industry make for constant change. When a studio is reported as being closed we do not delete it.

We are happy to remove the email address and website URL to stop the harassment fom people who can't read

The availability box is labelled CLOSED and the overall listing has the option to show or hide closed studios. If you are looking for a studio which has been recommended but recently closed, it is useful to know that and look elsewhere. If we just deleted the listing, you might look for ages and it is a complete waste of effort.

If your listing shows a website URL, the web bot tests it. If it is reported NOT WORKING we check it with a human. If the URL is apparently OK but fails to connect - we CLOSE the listing.- you can request a reversal with a good website URL.

Sometimes old studios rise like a phoenix and we just update the name and change the status back to open.
4 BANNED - if your site is showing as BANNED, we need some evidence that it is a photo studio for hire
Customers are the life blood of any business. By giving customers the opportunity to review studios we help the good ones get more custom.

This site shows studios with at least one review at the top of the listing.

If you select the first picture from a studio thumbnail, you can now step though without going back to each thumbnail

You can have as many as you like. Porn will be deleted.

Iffy pictures will be deleted - this site is viewable by all - if we think the picture is unsuitable for under 18's it will be removed, because it can appear on the home page at any time. NO DISCUSSION - THIS IS A FREE SITE !!

Studio pictures with names displayed will be blocked from the home page as will adverts for special deals.

Studios with pictures will sometimes randomly appear on the home page with their picture

Attempts to appear more often by uploading pictures every day will cause our web bot to ignore your studio. The web bot is also programmed to remove duplicate pictures
All studios in the Greater London area are listed in the county. Even central London studios - this aids the search engine.
The entire site is driven on postcodes, if the postcode is entered incorrectly the site will not accept the addition

If you need to add a studio near one with an existing postcode please contact the webmaster.
Is pretty obvious but the 'postarea' option allows the first part of a postcode to be entered as a search field.
  Thanks to Tim Haylock for helping improve the search results
  As we get queries about the site this page may get longer !
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